Saint-Petersburg, 2013, photo by V. Shishkin

Alexey Logunov, composer, pianist.

Born on 26th of January, 1990 in Leningrad, Russia. A graduate of Professors Vladimir Tsitovich and Gennady Banshchikov at Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory of Rymsky-Korsakov (2014). The assistant-probationer of Professor Sergei Slonimsky at Conservatory during the 2014-2016. Student at the piano department at Saint-Petersburg Conservatory mentored by professor Ekaterina Murina. Currently a graduate student at Composition department of Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (Bloomington, USA).

The participant of the international and all-russian festivals “From Avangard to present days” (2011, 2013, 2014, 2016), “Childrens’ Earth” (2011), “Sound Ways” (2013, 2015), “Musica Futura” (Minsk, Belorussian Academy of Music, 2011), “New music-new reality” (Ekaterinburg, Ural Conservatory n.a. Musorgsky, 2012), “Composer 2.0” (Yaroslavl Philharmonic, 2016) etc., played with “Musica Futura”, “Dialectic of Sound” artistic groups (2010-2011). 2016 participated the “Roche Continents” programme in Salzburg (Austria) by RocheIn the summer of 2017 took part in a concert tour at the cities of the Atlantic coast of France in frames of the festival “Dinard réunit les jeunes virtuoses”. Participated in the workshops of Matti Kovler (Boston, the USA), Klaus Lang (Graz, Austria), Peep Lassmann (piano, Estonia), Robert Paterson (New York, USA), Jeffrey Mumford (Ohio, USA) Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME).

Laureate of the IV International competition of performing musicians and composers “Romanticism: sources and horizons” Franz Schubert’s in memoriam (2013, Moscow). Laureate of the VI young composers competition at the XIV International festival “Three centuries of classical romance” (2016, Saint-Petersburg). Laureate of the II young composers competition “Siberia symphony” (2017, Krasnoyarsk).

The author of music to the student’s short movies “Hobby” (2012, A. Bordenyuk), “Man on the coast” (2013, A. Muradyan), “Black coat” (2016, T. Vyshegorodtseva) and “Why not?” (2017, A. Bordenyuk). Participated in creation of the performances “Stolen Air” (2012, music designing, director G. Pechkysev), “Winged” (2013, arrangement, director I. Mukhina), “Contrabasni” (2018, composer, lyrics by V. Malenko). Composer’s music was used in the performance “Black-and-white Concert” (2011, director A. Saltykova).