apophis (2019)

Apophis is a 0.230-mile-diameter asteroid discovered in 2004. Its orbit is characterized by close approaches to our planet which caused a period of concern about possible collision with Earth and the following global disaster. In this regard, the asteroid was named after the ancient Egyptian deity who embodied chaos. Apep (Apophis in Greek) appears in art as a giant serpent who tries to swallow the sun during its nightly journey through the underworld but each time he is defeated by the sun-god Ra. This catchy name was the main reason why observations of this asteroid (which in fact is only 6th on various risk tables) got a noticeable resonance in mass media and generated a lot of rumors. Though according to recent research the possibility of collision with Apophis in 2029 or 2036 is excluded, there is still some small chance of this happening in 2068 or later.

Premiere of “Apophis” for chamber ensemble took place on 15 April 2019 at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Auer Hall. It was performed by Rebecca Tutunick (flute, piccolo), Carrett Nichols (bass clarinet), William Clark (bass trombone), Neil Clifton Cain (electric guitar), Ryan Chao (percussion), Jennifer Jordan (cello), Kolten Heeren (double bass). Conductor – Tyler James Readinger.