Synesthesia Lab 2024

Alexey Logunov will participate in the Synesthesia Lab project (curated by Roman Parkhomenko), within which he will compose a new composition for the Orchestra of the Sofia Gubaidulina Center for Contemporary Music and soloists from the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble. The premiere will take place in October in Kazan (Russia), conducted by Fyodor Lednyov.

For detailed information about the project, names of composers, and other performers, please visit the website of the magazine Musical Life.

Unknown Worlds

Unknown worlds (2023) for violin, live electronics and interactive video is about the fear of unknown. Every new scientific research or piece of art brings the excitement of changing our reality. Every moment on the verge of discovery is a step into the darkness. Everyone who explores new, is driven by a desire for innovation. But in the end, we never know what is hidden in unknown worlds.

The piece was premiered by Marienn Sánchez at Indiana University Center of Electronic and Coumputer Music Fall concert on December 3rd, 2023.


Premiere of “Resonances” for piano solo, performed by David Jiajun Lai. The piece was composed for colaboration project between Composition and Piano departments at Jacobs School of Music.

Indiana University Auer Hall, March 30th, 2024.

Let’s play together?

A doppelgänger phenomenon has existed for centuries in mythology, literature, visual art, and later cinema and television. It is about the idea of a biologically unrelated but look-alike, or a double of a living person (usually considered evil version of the original). So far, I’ve never met one in my life. However, if I meet him one day, the first thing I will ask him (or them) would be: “Let’s play together?”