September 17, 2017 in the concert hall of the Pavlovsky Palace (The State museum “Pavlovsk”, St. Petersburg) the first concert of the cycle “Vector of Sound” took place. It was dedicated to the phenomenon, known in music as “color hearing”. Musicians presented to public both works of the classics of the 17th-20th centuries, as well as specially written for this project pieces by young composers Alsu Nigmatullina, Georgy Fedorov and Alexey Logunov. The concert was sold out, and its program received a vivid and warm response from listeners.

The laureates of all-Russian and international competitions – Anastasia Taratynova (soprano), Sergey Tyutyunik (violin) took part in the concert. The narrator of the concert was Anastasia Logunova. The author of the idea, the pianist – Alexey Logunov.

Organizers of the concert thank the administration of the State museum “Pavlovsk” for their help in holding the event. Details of the concert, as well as video of the performances are available here.


“Synesthesia” 17.09.2017, State museum “Pavlovsk”. Sergey Tyutyunik and Alexey Logunov

“Synesthesia” 17.09.2017, State museum “Pavlovsk”. Participants of the project: A. Logunova, A. Nigmatullina, G. Fjodorov, A. Taratunova, A. Logunov, S. Tyutynik.

France 2017

On August 21 – 25 the concert tour of five Saint-Petersburg musicians took place in France. In its frames the creativity of Alexei Logunov was first presented to french audience. The musician took part in events both as a composer and as an artist, perfoming works by Sergey Rakhmaninov, Alexander Skryabin, Arseny Yuryev, as well as his own compositions. Participants thank the organizers of the festival “Dinard réunit les jeunes virtuoses” for opportunity to play in wonderful halls on the French coast of the English Channel.

Links for articles about the festival:

‘Plaints of the Universe’

Video from All-Russian festival of symphonic music of young composers “Composer 2.0” in Yaroslavl, Russia 22/09/2016.

Perfomed by Yaroslavl Philarmonic orchestra. Artistic director and conductor – the national artist of Russia Murad Annamamedov.
Piano – Alexey Logunov.

“Songs of the gone”

Vocal cycle “Songs of the gone” on poems by Osip Mandelshtam awarded the second prize on VI young composers competition at the XIV International festival “Three centuries of classical romance” . Special diploma for best performer got a wonderful vocalist Elizaveta Senatorova.

Here is a video of perfomance, held in Saint-Petersburg Composers House June 26, 2016